Job title Name E-mail Extension
Associate Professor CHEN HSIN CHIEH 886-4-26318652#4300 • Convene the operation of the various committees of the department, and supervise the tasks assigned and executed by each committee.
• Represent the department to seek budgetary funds and teacher quotas from the school.
• Handle administrative business outside the department’s major.
• Plan the department’s business development plan and budget.
• Coordinate faculty, student affairs and other important matters in the department.
Contract personnel Tong Sih Yu 886-4-26318652#4301 • Pre-selection of elective courses.
• Teacher’s special hourly assignments.
• Graduation credit review assignments for graduates.
• Student credit, auxiliary department, and transfer matters.
• Recommendations for screening, admissions and admissions for technical excellence.
• Admissions publicity homework.
Contract personnel Chou Hung Hsuan 886-4-26318652#4302 • Computer and internship courses
• Network, instrument and property management
• Environmental safety and health
• Management and access control
• Department operation and other matters